320+ Funny Hockey Slogans and Taglines for Teams

Hockey slogans capture the excitement and love of the game. These short, catchy phrases can inspire players, motivate teams, and bring fans together.

Whether it’s for a kids’ league or a professional team, a strong slogan speaks to everyone involved.

I’ve had the joy of helping many teams and fans find the best hockey slogans. Through group sessions, creative thinking, and a bit of fun, we’ve come up with slogans that perfectly match their teams.

Seeing their happy faces when we find the right words is incredibly rewarding.

Good slogans are very important for branding. They capture a team’s heart and spirit in just a few words. A strong slogan can bring a team together, attract fans, and create lasting memories. Dive in and see the power of these great phrases.

Summary: In this article, you will find some of the best hockey slogans out there. We’ve put together a great list of phrases that are sure to pump up and unite any team. Get ready to discover the perfect slogan that will leave a lasting mark.

Hockey Slogans

  • Puck it up!
  • Stick it to ’em!
  • Slapshot sensations.
  • Ice warriors unite!
  • Hockey: where legends are made.
  • Skating towards victory.
  • Frozen fury on the ice.
  • Goals galore, hockey’s roar.
  • Stickhandling Wizards
  • Frozen Force
  • Hockey Huddle
  • Puck Perfection
  • Skate Strong, Win Strong
  • Ice Insanity
  • Victory Vortex
  • Stick it to Success
  • Hockey Heat
  • Rink Rebels
  • Scoreboard Success
  • Icebound Brotherhood
  • Frozen Fantasy
  • Puck Powerhouse
  • Hockey Hype
  • Net Knights
  • Frozen Fighters
  • Skate Squad
  • Icebound Identity
  • Goalie Greatness
  • Power play perfection.
  • Blades of glory.
  • Frozen dreams, fiery determination.
  • Defending our ice, one goal at a time.
  • Onward to victory, puck in hand.
  • Stick handling wizards.
  • Ice kings and queens.
  • Shoot, score, celebrate!
  • Chasing the puck, chasing greatness.
  • Hockey heartbeat.
  • Defenders of the ice realm.
  • Skating towards destiny.
  • Puck passion, relentless pursuit.
  • Hockey heroes rise.
  • Icebound champions.
  • Goal-scoring glory awaits!
  • United in hockey, unstoppable force.
  • Blades of steel, hearts of champions.
  • On thin ice, thick determination.
  • Frozen battles, heated victories.
  • Rink warriors, game changers.
  • Hockey pride, never subside.

Hockey Slogans

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Hockey Phrases

  • Stickhandling mastery.
  • Icebound brilliance.
  • Frozen finesse.
  • Slapshot sensations.
  • Puck power, unstoppable.
  • Net-nudging precision.
  • Breakaway brilliance.
  • Hockey hustle, relentless.
  • Power play prowess.
  • Skating towards glory.
  • Defensive dynamo.
  • Puck Prowess
  • Frozen Fireworks
  • Skating Savvy
  • Hockey Harmony
  • Victory Voyage
  • Frozen Fanatics
  • Stick Skills Showcase
  • Rink Resilience
  • Puck Pandemonium
  • Icebound Inspiration
  • Goal Getter’s Guild
  • Skating Symphony
  • Puck Pride
  • Frozen Fun
  • Rink Renegades
  • Skate Sensation
  • Icebound Intensity
  • Puck Precision
  • Hockey Havoc
  • Frozen Fortunes
  • Goal-scoring grace.
  • Faceoff fierceness.
  • Ice-time intensity.
  • Hockey heartbeat.
  • Rink resilience.
  • Stick-swinging supremacy.
  • Net-minding mastery.
  • Ice warriors, fearless.
  • Hockey spirit, unyielding.
  • Precision passing, puck perfection.
  • Slapshot sorcery.
  • Defensive dominance, icebound.
  • Puck possession, power play.
  • Goalie greatness, net protector.
  • Hockey heroes, legends in the making.
  • Stick skills, sharp and swift.
  • On-ice excellence, unmatched.
  • Frozen finesse, puck perfection.
  • Skating towards greatness, one stride at a time.

Hockey Phrases

Hockey Sayings

  • Keep calm and hockey on.
  • In hockey, we trust.
  • Hockey is more than a game, it’s a way of life.
  • Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.
  • On the ice, anything is possible.
  • Hockey: where the impossible becomes reality.
  • Skate hard, play harder.
  • Champions aren’t born, they’re made on the ice.
  • Hockey isn’t just a sport, it’s a passion.
  • Goalie Glory
  • Skating Strides
  • Puck Passion
  • Icebound Illusions
  • Victory Vortex
  • Hockey Heroics
  • Puck Pursuit
  • Frozen Fury
  • Stickhandling Spectacle
  • Rink Revolution
  • Skating Superstars
  • Icebound Icons
  • Puck Powerplay
  • Frozen Finesse
  • Goalie Guardians
  • Skate Squad Goals
  • Hockey Heart
  • Puck Pursuit
  • Icebound Imagination
  • Victory Visionaries
  • Every game is a chance to be legendary.
  • Hockey: where the action never stops.
  • In the game of hockey, every second counts.
  • Blood, sweat, and hockey.
  • Hockey: the ultimate test of skill and will.
  • On the ice, we are one team, one family.
  • In hockey, teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Heart of a hockey player, soul of a champion.
  • Defend the ice, protect the pride.
  • Winning is temporary, but the love for hockey is eternal.
  • Hockey isn’t just a game, it’s a journey.
  • Face every challenge with a puck and a plan.
  • In the game of hockey, there are no shortcuts to success.
  • Skate fast, shoot hard, leave it all on the ice.
  • Hockey: where heroes are made and legends are born.
  • Play with heart, win with pride.
  • Hockey: where the battles are fierce and the victories sweeter.
  • In hockey, every shot is a chance to make history.
  • Embrace the grind, embrace the glory.
  • In the world of hockey, passion is our power.
  • Hockey: where dreams are chased and victories celebrated.

Hockey Sayings

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Ice Hockey Sayings

  • On thin ice, we thrive.
  • Ice hockey: where skill meets will.
  • Frozen battles, fiery victories.
  • Chill on the ice, thrill in the game.
  • In the kingdom of ice hockey, legends reign supreme.
  • Defend the net, conquer the game.
  • Ice hockey: where the cold becomes electric.
  • Skate hard, play harder.
  • In the world of ice hockey, heroes wear skates.
  • On the ice, we write our own destiny.
  • In the realm of ice hockey, greatness knows no limits.
  • Frozen dreams, thawed by victory.
  • Skating towards glory, one stride at a time.
  • Faceoff fierceness, puck passion.
  • Ice hockey: where grace meets grit.
  • Frozen battles, heated victories.
  • In the game of ice hockey, every moment matters.
  • Goal-scoring glory, icebound ecstasy.
  • Ice hockey: where legends lace up their skates.
  • Defenders of the ice, champions at heart.
  • Ice hockey: where the roar of the crowd echoes on frozen ground.
  • Skate fast, shoot true, leave it all on the ice.
  • In the arena of ice hockey, we play for pride.
  • Frozen battles, unfrozen spirit.
  • On the ice, we are warriors, united in victory.
  • Ice hockey: where the cold never bothered us anyway.
  • Skating towards greatness, fueled by passion.
  • In the game of ice hockey, the ice is our canvas.
  • On the frozen pond, dreams take flight.
  • Ice hockey: where champions are crowned and legacies endure.

Funny Hockey Sayings

  • Hockey: where falling on ice is a skill.
  • I’m sorry for what I said when I was watching hockey.
  • My hockey stick has more friends than I do.
  • Hockey: where fights are encouraged, penalties optional.
  • Ice hockey: because golf is too easy.
  • I have a day job, but hockey is my real occupation.
  • I only date hockey players… because they never miss the net.
  • Hockey: where the only thing colder than the ice is the beer.
  • Hockey: where even the referees need ice packs.
  • My blood type is hockey.
  • Hockey players have the coolest goals.
  • I don’t always play hockey, but when I do, I slapshot.
  • Hockey: where every game is a slapstick comedy.
  • I have two passions in life: hockey and not losing at hockey.
  • Hockey players: the original icebreakers.
  • I’m not addicted to hockey, we’re just in a committed relationship.
  • Hockey: where the ice is cold, but the competition is hot.
  • I’m not clumsy, I’m just practicing my hockey moves off the ice.
  • My hockey stick is like a magic wand, turning pucks into goals.
  • Hockey: where every game is a chance to break the ice.
  • Life is short, but hockey seasons are long.
  • I don’t need therapy, I just need hockey season.
  • Hockey: where the only thing icier than the rink is the trash talk.
  • I may not be a professional hockey player, but I sure can rock a jersey.
  • Hockey: where the only thing sharper than the skates is the wit.
  • I’m not sure what heaven looks like, but I’m pretty sure there’s a hockey rink there.

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Field Hockey Slogans

  • Stick with it, play field hockey.
  • Score goals, make souls dance.
  • Field hockey: where passion meets precision.
  • Glide on the field, conquer the game.
  • Field hockey: the art of controlled chaos.
  • Strike hard, play smart, win big.
  • Defend with honor, attack with fury.
  • Field hockey: where skill meets willpower.
  • Unleash your inner field hockey beast.
  • Field hockey: the ultimate team sport.
  • Drive, dribble, dominate.
  • Precision passes, powerful plays.
  • Field hockey: where every second counts.
  • Stick together, play stronger.
  • Victory demands discipline, dedication, and determination.
  • Show your stripes on the field.
  • Hustle, hit, never quit.
  • Field hockey: the heartbeat of champions.
  • Elevate your game, raise the bar.
  • Sweat, sacrifice, succeed.
  • Field hockey: the battle of wits and sticks.
  • Master the field, rule the game.
  • Dreams don’t work unless you do—play field hockey.
  • Play fierce, play fair, play field hockey.
  • Field hockey: where legends are made.
  • Outplay, outsmart, outlast.
  • Field hockey: where skill becomes instinct.
  • Defend the turf, conquer the opponent.
  • Dare to dream, dare to achieve—play field hockey.
  • Field hockey: the epitome of grace under pressure.

Hockey Team Slogans

  • United on ice, unstoppable in spirit.
  • Skate as one, triumph as a team.
  • Hockey: where unity fuels victory.
  • Together we skate, together we win.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work in hockey.
  • In hockey, we rise and fall as one.
  • Strength in numbers, dominance on ice.
  • Every pass, every goal, a testament to teamwork.
  • Onward together, onward to victory.
  • In hockey, unity breeds success.
  • One team, one goal: victory.
  • Hockey: where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Skating in sync, dominating the game.
  • Together, we conquer the ice.
  • Hockey: where teammates are family.
  • Win or lose, we stand as one.
  • Hockey: a symphony of teamwork.
  • Bonded by ice, bound for greatness.
  • Share the ice, share the glory.
  • In hockey, we thrive as a tribe.
  • The strength of our team defines our success.
  • One passion, one purpose: hockey.
  • On ice, we are invincible.
  • Every player, a piece of the puzzle.
  • Skate together, win together—hockey.
  • From ice to victory, together we march.
  • Team spirit: our secret weapon in hockey.
  • Individually talented, collectively unstoppable.
  • Hockey: where teammates become champions.
  • Bound by ice, driven by victory—our team.

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Nhl Slogans

  • NHL: where dreams meet the ice.
  • NHL: where legends lace up.
  • From pond to pinnacle: the NHL journey.
  • Skate with the greats in the NHL.
  • NHL: where every game is a masterpiece.
  • The NHL: where heroes are made.
  • Excellence on ice, epitomized by the NHL.
  • NHL: where passion and skill collide.
  • In the NHL, greatness is earned.
  • Every shift, a chance to shine in the NHL.
  • The NHL: where history is written in ice.
  • NHL: where the elite compete.
  • Skate the NHL ice, live the dream.
  • Heart-stopping action, NHL style.
  • Legends are born in the NHL.
  • NHL: the ultimate test of skill and will.
  • On the NHL ice, stars are born.
  • Fast, fierce, and unforgettable: NHL hockey.
  • NHL: where the world comes to play.
  • Glory awaits those who dare to skate in the NHL.
  • NHL: where the game reaches its zenith.
  • In the NHL, every moment is magic.
  • The NHL: where history is made every game.
  • NHL: the pinnacle of professional hockey.
  • Lace up, live the NHL dream.
  • Skill, speed, and spectacle: the NHL experience.
  • From rinks to riches: the NHL journey.
  • NHL: where the best of the best compete.
  • Skate the NHL ice, chase greatness.
  • NHL: where the game’s finest converge.

Nhl Slogans

Funny Field Hockey Slogans

  • Don’t be a duffer, play field hockey.
  • Hockey: where even the grass gets a workout.
  • Keep calm and play field hockey.
  • Field hockey: because yelling at the TV is not exercise.
  • Field hockey: making soccer moms jealous since forever.
  • Field hockey: where shin guards are a fashion statement.
  • Field hockey: the only sport where a short corner isn’t a small room.
  • Field hockey: where sticks have more power than wands.
  • Field hockey: because hitting things with sticks is socially acceptable.
  • Who needs therapy when you have field hockey?
  • Field hockey: where bruises are badges of honor.
  • Field hockey: the original game of thrones.
  • Field hockey: where the grass is greener and the hits are harder.
  • Field hockey: making running around with a stick look cool.
  • Field hockey: because life’s too short for boring sports.
  • Field hockey: where offside is a state of mind.
  • Field hockey: the sport that puts the field in fun.
  • Field hockey: where every goal is a stroke of genius.
  • Stick it to ’em—play field hockey.
  • Field hockey: because life’s better with a little stick action.
  • Field hockey: where even the grass has stories to tell.
  • Field hockey: where the action’s so intense, it’s grass-breaking.
  • Field hockey: where winning feels as sweet as a victory snack.
  • Field hockey: where sliding tackles are just part of the fun.
  • Field hockey: where the only thing higher than the score is the level of fun.
  • Field hockey: because life’s too short to play boring sports.

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Crafting Your Own Hockey Slogan

Creating a unique and powerful hockey slogan can be a big boost for any team. It captures the heart of your squad’s identity and brings both players and fans together.

A hockey slogan isn’t just a catchy phrase; it’s a call to action that sparks passion, builds unity, and highlights the core values that push your team to win.

Whether you want to grow a sense of team spirit, show off your team’s determination, or share your love for the game, a well-made slogan can do all this and more.

Reflecting Team Culture

A great hockey slogan should show what your team is all about. It captures the heart of who you are as a group, showing your values, strengths, and what makes you special. This link helps make sure that every team member feels included and inspired by the slogan, creating a strong sense of identity and purpose.

Inspiring Motivation and Unity

An effective hockey slogan is a constant source of motivation and unity. Well-known phrases like Win the Day or Defend the Den become rallying cries that players carry with them, pushing them to try their hardest and stay focused.

These slogans help build a strong team spirit, encouraging everyone to work together towards a shared goal.

Capturing Unique Team Aspects

To create a compelling slogan, think about what makes your team unique. Whether it’s your unbreakable determination, strong team spirit, or clever strategies on the ice, your slogan should highlight these special qualities.

By doing so, it becomes a memorable and motivating mantra that shows what your team is all about.

Engaging the Team in the Creative Process

Get your team involved in creating the slogan. This group effort makes sure that the slogan speaks to everyone, building a stronger sense of unity and belonging.

When team members help create the slogan, it becomes a powerful symbol of their shared values and dreams, driving them towards success with every game. By working together, the slogan will reflect the heart and soul of the entire team.

Elements of an Effective Hockey Slogan


An effective hockey slogan needs to be easy to remember. This means it should be short, catchy, and simple. When fans can recall the slogan easily, it sticks in their minds and becomes a part of the team’s identity.

For instance, slogans like Unleash the Fury or Hockey is Life are brief and snappy, making them perfect for rallying cries during games and on social media.

Emotional Impact

A great hockey slogan stirs emotions. It should evoke passion, excitement, and a sense of pride. The best slogans tap into the deep feelings fans and players have for the game, creating a strong emotional connection.

Phrases like Heart of a Champion or Feel the Roar spark a sense of enthusiasm and loyalty, making fans feel part of something bigger than themselves.

Reflection of Team Identity

A slogan should truly reflect the team’s identity and values. It should convey what the team stands for, whether it’s toughness, speed, resilience, or unity.

For example, a team known for its aggressive playing style might use a slogan like No Guts, No Glory, while a team that prides itself on teamwork might choose One Team, One Dream. This alignment ensures the slogan feels real and genuine with the team’s character.


An effective slogan inspires both players and fans. It serves as a motivational phrase that can lift spirits and drive performance.

Inspirational slogans like Rise as One or Defend the Den encourage players to give their best on the ice and fans to show strong support. These slogans create a sense of shared effort and common goals, reinforcing the bond between the team and its supporters.

FAQs on Hockey Slogans

What are some popular hockey slogans used by teams?

Popular hockey slogans often include phrases like Play Like a Champion, One Team, One Dream, Hustle, Hit, Never Quit, Heart of a Lion, and Skate Hard, Have Fun. These hockey slogans are made to inspire players and fans, focusing on teamwork, perseverance, and love for the game.

Why are hockey slogans important for teams?

Hockey slogans are important because they help build a sense of togetherness and motivation among team members. They act as a rallying cry that can lift spirits, strengthen team values, and keep everyone focused on shared goals. Hockey slogans also excite fans, creating a strong feeling of community and identity around the team.

How do teams come up with their hockey slogans?

Teams often come up with their hockey slogans through brainstorming sessions involving players, coaches, and sometimes even fans.

They look for phrases that capture their team’s spirit, goals, and character. Ideas for hockey slogans can come from the team’s history, core values, or specific challenges they aim to overcome during the season.

Can a good hockey slogan impact team performance?

Yes, a good hockey slogan can positively impact team performance by building a strong team culture and boosting motivation.

When players hear and repeat a powerful hockey slogan, it can strengthen a winning mindset and encourage them to give their best effort on and off the ice, leading to better performance and teamwork.

What makes an effective hockey slogan?

An effective hockey slogan is short, easy to remember, and connects with the team’s values and goals. It should be simple to chant or display on merchandise and strong enough to inspire both players and fans.

The best hockey slogans are those that bring out emotion and pride, creating a lasting impression that pushes the team forward.


In conclusion, hockey slogans are an important aspect of the game, serving as rallying cries that ignite team spirit and inspire players to give their all on the ice. These catchy phrases not only boost morale but also create a sense of unity among fans, connecting them to their favorite teams and players.

Whether it’s Skate hard, play smart or Hustle, hit, never quit, hockey slogans embody the values of dedication, determination, and teamwork. They remind us that success is not achieved individually but through collective effort and collaboration.

For the average person, hockey slogans provide an opportunity to feel part of something bigger, to connect with fellow fans, and to share in the excitement and passion of the game. Hearing or seeing these slogans can evoke a sense of camaraderie and belonging, fostering a sense of community and support.

So, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, embrace the power of hockey slogans. Let them inspire you to strive for greatness, to never give up, and to always believe in the potential for victory. Because in the world of hockey, anything is possible when you have the right slogan and the right team.

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