340+ Funny and Catchy Shoe Slogans or Sayings to Use

Looking for some funny shoe sayings? You’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’ll share some hilarious and creative shoe slogans that will surely make you smile.

Having helped many people find the perfect slogan, I know how important it is to find the right words. A great slogan can show a brand’s personality and connect with its audience, making it memorable and enjoyable.

Summary: In this article, you’ll find a curated selection of the best shoe slogans. Whether you need a clever tagline for your shoe store or just love funny phrases, there’s something here for you. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these delightful shoe slogans that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Shoe Slogans

  • Step Up Or Step Aside.
  • Walking With Panache
  • Authenticity At Every Altitude.
  • Shoes That Say It All
  • Where Trends Take Steps
  • [Brand]: Where Innovation Meets Every Footstep.
  • Strut Your Style
  • Find Your Freedom.
  • Step Into A World Of Style
  • Walk The Sass, Not Just The Class.
  • Fast Forward To Freedom.
  • Step Into Comfort
  • Comfort Meets Style.
  • Step Into The World Of Eye-Catching Shoes
  • Fashion That’s Footloose And Fancy-Free
  • If Shoes Could Kill, Consider These A Weapon.
  • Reach For The Sky.
  • Fashion That’s Always In Step With You
  • Shoes For Every Personality
  • Walk With Purpose. Walk [Brand].
  • Adventure Begins At The Sole.
  • Shoes So Fresh, They’re Still Downloading.
  • Step Out In Style And Comfort
  • Shoes For Every Step Of Your Journey
  • Move With Grace.
  • [Brand]: Crafting Tomorrow’s Iconic Steps.
  • Beyond Boundaries With [Brand].
  • Fashion That’s Always On Point
  • [Brand]: Beyond Imagination.
  • Sole Mates
  • Fuel Your Run.
  • Walk The Talk. Wear [Brand].
  • Step Up Your Fashion Game
  • Elevate The Everyday. Choose [Brand].
  • Redefine Your Run.
  • Pushing The Possible.
  • Unleash Your Footprint With [Brand].
  • Marching Modern Masterpieces.
  • Style That Hooks And Never Lets Go
  • Every Journey Starts With [Brand].
  • Elegance In Every Expedition.
  • Fashion That Speaks Volumes About You
  • Walk In Confidence
  • Shoes For The Confident Strider
  • Fashion That Speaks Your Language
  • Walking On Sunshine
  • Create Your Own Tracks.
  • Shoes So Hot, They’re Out Of Your League.
  • Discover Your Pace.
  • For Feet That Demand More

Shoe Slogans

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Athletic Shoe Slogans

  • The Perfect Fit For Every Step
  • Your Feet, Your Style Statement
  • Fashion That Captivates Hearts And Minds
  • Make Your Footprints Count.
  • The Vanguard Of Versatility.
  • Crafting Footprints For The Future.
  • Walk Tall, Walk Unique
  • Walk The Classy Path
  • Where Fashion Meets Function
  • Every Step, A Statement
  • Embrace Your Shoe-Niqueness
  • Fashion That’s Anything But Ordinary
  • Shoes Brighter Than Your Ex’s Future.
  • Step Up Your Style Quotient
  • Passionate About Every Step You Take.
  • Footwear For Every Walk Of Life
  • Where Style Walks Tall
  • From First Step To Lasting Legacy.
  • Pave Your Path.
  • Lacing Up The Drama!
  • A Step Towards Elegance
  • Designed For Determination.
  • Experience The Comfort.
  • Style That’s A Step Ahead
  • Step Into The Limelight Of Style
  • Style That Walks With You
  • Footwear For Every Journey
  • Craftsmanship You Can Feel.
  • Walk Your World With Confidence.
  • Walk The Runway
  • Fashion That’s A Step Above
  • Beyond Footwear. It’s A Phenomenon.
  • Embrace The Evolution.
  • Footwear That’s Forward-Thinking
  • In Step With Style
  • [Brand]: Born To Lead.
  • Step Into Style Heaven
  • Making Strides In Style
  • Style And Sophistication At Your Feet
  • Shoe-Tiful Moments
  • Elevate The Ordinary. Experience The Extraordinary.
  • Trendy Toes
  • Make Every Step Count.
  • A New Chapter In Footwear. A [Brand] Chapter.
  • Stride With Swag
  • Elevate Your Wardrobe With Class
  • Where Style Knows No Bounds
  • Shoes For Every Occasion Imaginable
  • Shoes That Speak Volumes
  • Shoes For The Modern Maverick

Funny Shoe Slogans

  • Own Your Journey.
  • Inspire With Every Inch.
  • Unleash Your Inner Fashionista
  • From Zero To Shoe Hero.
  • Define Your Direction.
  • Forge Your Path With [Brand].
  • Shoe-Riffic Choices Await
  • Conquer Every Corner.
  • Experience The [Brand] Excellence.
  • Shoes For Every Adventure
  • Stride Confidently Through Life’s Challenges
  • Fashion That Never Tires
  • Define Your Destiny.
  • The Paragon Of Perfection.
  • Strut Your Stuff With Confidence
  • Break The Mold, Not The Heel.
  • Step Into Success.
  • Walk Like The Whole World’s Watching. Because They Are.
  • Walk With Confidence, Stand Out
  • For The Dreamers, Doers, And Daring.
  • Fashion That Makes Heads Turn
  • Style That Speaks For Itself
  • Defy Gravity.
  • Dare To Walk The [Brand] Way.
  • Shoe-Sational Selections
  • Stride With Elegance
  • Fashion That’s Ahead Of Its Time
  • Fashion That’s As Versatile As You Are
  • Inspiring New Heights. Grounded In Tradition.
  • Shoe Therapy
  • Made For Miles.
  • Rediscover Walking.
  • Beyond Just Footwear. It’s A Statement.
  • We Don’t Do Basic Here.
  • Every Step, A Symphony.
  • Feel The Difference.
  • Stepping Into Comfort And Style
  • A Journey Of Style, Mile After Mile.
  • The Essence Of Elegance. The Heart Of [Brand].
  • Navigate Your Narrative.
  • Footwear Unbound By Trends
  • Shoes That Make A Statement
  • Sass Level: These Kicks.
  • Pioneers In Footwear. Leaders In Style.
  • Shoes For The Discerning Fashionista
  • Step Up Your Shoe Closet
  • Ready, Set, Go!
  • Where Dreams Meet The Ground.
  • The Perfect Shoe For Every Individuality
  • Style That Never Fades

Funny Shoe Slogans

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Shoe Slogans That Rhyme

  • Step with pep in our shoes, you can’t lose.
  • Lace up and race up, our shoes never slow your pace up.
  • Slide into style, mile after mile.
  • Walk the talk, in shoes that rock.
  • Stride with pride, our shoes by your side.
  • Kick it up a notch, in shoes that never botch.
  • Put your best foot forward, in shoes that are adored.
  • Go with the flow, in shoes that steal the show.
  • Run for fun, in shoes that get it done.
  • Dance with grace, in shoes that embrace.
  • Jump and jive, in shoes that thrive.
  • Stomp and strut, in shoes that can’t be rebut.
  • Sprint with intent, in shoes that prevent.
  • Glide and guide, in shoes that provide.
  • Wander and wonder, in shoes that never sunder.
  • Explore and adore, in shoes that implore.
  • Trek and seek, in shoes that reach their peak.
  • Hike and like, in shoes that strike.
  • Charge and enlarge, in shoes that barge.
  • Sway and display, in shoes that slay.
  • Swing and bring, in shoes that sing.
  • Bounce and pronounce, in shoes that announce.
  • Stride and confide, in shoes that provide.
  • Prance and enhance, in shoes that romance.
  • Roar and explore, in shoes that restore.
  • Swoop and loop, in shoes that scoop.
  • Whirl and unfurl, in shoes that twirl.
  • Bound and surround, in shoes that astound.
  • Sashay and play, in shoes that stay.
  • Swish and flourish, in shoes that nourish.
  • Quiver and deliver, in shoes that shiver.
  • Wander and meander, in shoes that command her.
  • Tread and spread, in shoes that led.
  • Gallop and envelop, in shoes that develop.
  • Skip and grip, in shoes that never slip.
  • Mosey and cozy, in shoes that get rosy.

Catchy Shoe Slogans

  • Fashion That Fits Like A Glove
  • Upgrade Your Adventure.
  • Cute Shoes Club – You In?
  • Trendsetters For Your Toes
  • Stride Confidently
  • Designed For Destiny.
  • Amp Up Your Style With Catchy Shoes
  • Embrace Your Journey.
  • Shoe Glamour
  • Shoes For The Bold And The Beautiful
  • Strut In Style
  • Don’t Follow? Good, Neither Do These Shoes.
  • A Fusion Of Timeless Tradition And Modern Mastery.
  • Exceed Expectations.
  • Challenge Your Limits.
  • Shoes For The Modern Fashionista
  • Style Starts From The Ground Up
  • Run Towards Your Dreams.
  • On A Scale Of 1 To 10? These Shoes Are An 11.
  • Walk Of Fame? More Like Shoe Hall Of Fame.
  • Lead The Way With [Brand].
  • Experience Flexibility.
  • Style That Sticks, Comfort That Fits
  • Built For Victory.
  • Crafted For Champions.
  • A Little Drama Below The Ankles.
  • Footwear Fantasies Fulfilled
  • Shoes That Define You
  • Step Into Style Bliss
  • Majestic Moves Await.
  • Shoes For Every Adventure Imaginable
  • Stride Confidently Through Every Occasion
  • Your Feet Deserve Luxury
  • Classy Footwear For The Discerning
  • Your Feet Deserve The Best.
  • Stride Into Superiority.
  • Take Strides In Catchy Style
  • Stride Confidently Through Life
  • Fashion That Fits
  • Shoes For The Trendsetter
  • Every Journey, Every Memory, Every [Brand].
  • Your Sole Solution
  • Footwear Revolutionized
  • Wear Your Ambition.
  • Distinct Steps. Iconic Journeys.
  • Fashion That’s Tailored To Your Tastes
  • Style That’s Stepping Out
  • Shoes That Make Heads Turn
  • From Morning Rush To Evening Glam: We’ve Got Your Step.
  • Get Set. Go!

Catchy Shoe Slogans

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Shoe Slogan Generator

  • Fashion That’s As Comfortable As It Is Stylish
  • Shoe Sensations
  • Step Into Fashion Euphoria
  • Excellence In Every Element.
  • Step Boldly Into Tomorrow.
  • Stand Tall, Stand Proud.
  • Step Into Your Fashion Destiny
  • Walking Works Of Art
  • Too Glam To Give A Darn.
  • Step Into The Future Of Footwear
  • Make Your Mark.
  • Shoes That Make A Statement With Every Step
  • Designed For Distance.
  • Better Step Back, These Kicks Are Fire.
  • The Artistry Of Distinctive Shoes
  • Slide In The Dms? Nah, Slide In These.
  • Style That Sets The Pace
  • Shoes That Are Made For Wow
  • Shoes For Every Walk Of Life
  • Dull Day? Bright Shoes.
  • Custom Fit For Character And Style
  • Express Yourself From Sole To Soul
  • The Stiletto Is Mightier Than The Sword.
  • Stride Proudly In Your Fashion Choices
  • Stride With Flair
  • Rise and Shine.
  • Step Into A World Of Comfort
  • Step Into Fashion’s Inner Circle
  • Shoes That Speak.
  • Step Up Your Shoe Game
  • Fashion That Sets The Trends
  • Step Up Your Game.
  • If My Shoes Could Talk… Oh Wait, They Do!
  • Fashion That Speaks Volumes
  • Step Into Excellence. Step Into [Brand].
  • Turn Heads, Break Necks, In That Order.
  • Shoes That Feel Like A Dream
  • Style That’s Unmistakable
  • Step Into Timeless Style
  • Classic Footwear For Modern Taste
  • Shoes That Take You Places
  • For The Diva In The Details.
  • Explore The Extraordinary.
  • Where Craftsmanship Meets Your Footsteps.
  • Footwear That Defies Expectations
  • Sophistication Redefined
  • The Shoe Boutique Experience
  • Decades of Excellence. A Legacy of Steps.
  • Fashioned For The Future.
  • Break Hearts, Not Heels.

Shoe Company Slogans

  • Stepping Into Fashion
  • Walk The Walk.
  • Fashion That’s A Step Above The Rest
  • Walk Boldly. Walk [Brand].
  • Crafted With Care. Worn With Pride.
  • Step Into The Limelight
  • Push Boundaries. Break Norms. Wear [Brand].
  • Footwear For The Fearless.
  • Not Your Grandma’s Slippers. Or Maybe They Are?
  • Elegance In Every Step
  • The Pulse of Urban Fashion. The Soul of [Brand].
  • Step Out Of The Ordinary. Step into [Brand].
  • Sass in Every Step.
  • Step Into Uniqueness
  • Shoes For Every Step Of Your Adventure
  • Walking With Style And Grace
  • Power In Every Step.
  • Chic From Heel To Toe
  • Walk On Air.
  • Own The Streets With Style
  • Step Into Fashion Paradise
  • Fashion That’s Always On-Trend
  • The Perfect Pair For Anywhere
  • Discover Your Stride.
  • When Excellence Meets Your Feet.
  • Not Your Regular Shoe-Sual.
  • Elevate Your Essence.
  • Unleash Your Shoe-Finity
  • Can’t Hear You Over The Loudness Of My Shoes.
  • Shoes For Success.
  • Shoes For The Modern Muse
  • Fashion That Elevates Your Every Step
  • Step Out, Show Off, Repeat.
  • The Perfect Pairing
  • Step Out With Confidence
  • Step Out With Swagger
  • A Step Towards Self-Expression
  • Bad Days, Killer Shoes.
  • Performance Personified.
  • Walk Like You Mean It.
  • Shoes For Every Style Maven
  • Fashionable Footprints To Follow
  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward
  • The Art Of Footwear, Perfected.
  • Stride With Sophistication
  • Commit To The Journey. Embrace [Brand].
  • Beyond Footwear. It’s A Revolution.
  • Where Classic Meets Contemporary
  • Ultimate Union Of Form & Function.
  • Walk The Fine Line Of Fashion

Shoe Company Slogans

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Nike Shoe Slogans

  • Shoes That Complement Your Every Move
  • Shoes For Every Occasion, Every Season
  • Style That Makes You Shine
  • Step Into The Lap Of Luxury
  • Where Every Step Is A Revelation
  • Shoes To Die For, Not In.
  • Effortless Style, Unparalleled Grace
  • Where Comfort Meets Chic
  • Break Your Boundaries.
  • Bold Steps, No Regrets.
  • Reach Your Peak.
  • Elevate Every Adventure, Embrace Every Challenge.
  • Style That’s Timeless
  • Shoes That Sparkle
  • Fashion That’s A Walk In The Park
  • Fashionably Yours
  • Shoes That Lead The Way
  • Every Step Is Progress. Make It Count.
  • Leap Into Action.
  • Unlock Your Potential.
  • Exceptional Footwear For Exceptional Individuals
  • Experience Freedom.
  • Break Free.
  • Find Your Rhythm.
  • Excellence Below Your Ankles.
  • Your Journey Starts Here.
  • Fashionable Footprints
  • Stride With Pride
  • Fashion That’s Both Timeless And Timely
  • The Gold Standard Of Steps.
  • Walk In. Stand Out.
  • Step Ahead With [Brand]. Wherever Life Takes You.
  • Step Into Style Nirvana
  • Here For A Good Time, And A Long Time.
  • Stride Into The Future
  • Making Every Sidewalk Your Runway.
  • Shoes For The Style-Conscious
  • Heels High, Standards Higher.
  • Diverse Paths. One Choice: [Brand].
  • Stride Into The Spotlight.
  • Step Outside The Ordinary
  • Not Just Worn. Adored.
  • Footwear Fit For Royalty
  • Shoes That Define You.
  • Pioneering Tomorrow’s Comfort.
  • A Symphony Of Comfort And Style.
  • Your Ex Called. They’re Jealous Of Your Shoes.
  • Walk In Wonder
  • Refined Craftsmanship, Uncompromising Style
  • Where Fashion Meets Functionality

Shoe Brand Slogans

  • Stride With Purpose
  • Confidence Begins With The Right Step.
  • Where Fashion Dreams Come True
  • Stride In Style
  • Fashioned For The Bold And The Sassy.
  • Your Step, Your Style
  • Escape The Ordinary.
  • Unleash Unprecedented.
  • Lead With [Brand]. Let The World Follow.
  • Your Ambition. Our Craftsmanship. Perfect Harmony.
  • Style That’s Sole-Ful
  • Putting Style In Motion
  • March To Your Own Melody.
  • The Ultimate Shoe Destination
  • Shoe Envy
  • Fashion That’s Foot-Forward
  • The Apex Of Aspiration.
  • Graceful Shoes For A Refined Look
  • Leave Your Footprint.
  • Footwear For Every Occasion
  • Click Your Heels And Say: I’m Fabulous..
  • Shoes For The Modern Maven
  • Classics That Never Go Out Of Style
  • Shoe-Tastic Selection
  • Create The Unexpected.
  • Champion Your Challenges.
  • Where Comfort Meets Style
  • Innovate In Every Iteration.
  • Fashion That’s A Step Ahead Of The Rest
  • Fashion That’s A Step Ahead
  • Step Aside, World. These Shoes Got Places To Be.
  • The Future Of Footwear. The Future Is [Brand].
  • Fashion That’s Foot-Friendly
  • Revolution In Every Stride.
  • Distinctly [Brand].
  • Built For Battle.
  • Inspiration In Every Step.
  • Comfort For Every Stride
  • Not Just Shoes, They’re A Vibe.
  • A Legacy Of Steps Forward.
  • Experience The Magic Of [Brand] With Every Step.
  • Step By Step, Conquer All.
  • Shoes For Every Style Sensation
  • Walk With Confidence
  • Walk On Cloud Nine
  • Walk Like You Mean It
  • Swag From The Ground Up.
  • One Step Ahead.
  • The Art Of Footwear
  • These Shoes? No Wifi, Still A Strong Connection.

Shoe Brand Slogans

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Athletic Shoe Slogans

  • Walk the Catwalk
  • Feet First, Fashion Second
  • Stride into Style
  • Shoes with Sole
  • The Fashion Footprint
  • Step Out in Flair
  • Comfortably Chic
  • Striding into Comfort
  • Walk the Chic Mile
  • Shoes That Define You
  • Fashionably Yours
  • Step into Confidence
  • Solefully Stylish
  • The Walk of Fashion
  • Footwear for Every Occasion
  • Walk in Vogue
  • Style Meets Versatility
  • Step Up Your Fashion Game
  • Solefully Elegant
  • Fashion’s Finest Footwear

Shoe Cleaning Slogans

  • Sole Serenity
  • Walk the Line in Style
  • Step into Elegance
  • Shoe Dreams Come True
  • Fashion, One Step at a Time
  • For Every Shoe Lover
  • Where Style Meets Comfort
  • The Perfect Pair
  • Strutting in Style
  • Step Up to Fashion
  • Elevate Your Wardrobe
  • The Shoe Wardrobe
  • Style in Every Step
  • Step Out in Glamour
  • Putting Your Best Foot Fashioned
  • Walk the Glamour Path
  • Shoe Haven
  • Step Out with Swagger
  • Style Never Looked So Good
  • Fashion’s Footsteps

Famous Shoe Slogans

  • Stylish Steps, Happy Feet
  • Walk in Style, Stride with Confidence
  • Soles for the Soul
  • Shoes to Envy
  • The Height of Style
  • Step into Luxury
  • Soleful Steps
  • Shoes for Every Occasion
  • Kick Off Your Style
  • From Boots to Sandals
  • Step Out in Confidence
  • The Art of Footwear
  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward
  • Comfort Never Looked So Stylish
  • Striding into Fashion
  • Shoes for Every Journey
  • Walk with Purpose
  • Style that Speaks Volumes
  • Fashionable Footprints
  • Stride in Pride

Elements of an Effective Shoe Slogan

In the fast-moving world of advertising, a well-made slogan can be the special ingredient that boosts a shoe brand to the top of people’s minds. But what exactly makes a slogan good?

Is it the smart wordplay, the way it makes you feel, or maybe both? In this journey, let’s dive into the pieces that make up a slogan for shoes that sticks in your memory.

From understanding who we’re talking to, to showing what our brand stands for, each part is important in making a slogan that not only speaks to people but also shows what the brand is all about.

Knowing Who We’re Talking To:

Before even thinking about what words to use, it’s important to really know who we want to reach. What are their dreams, worries, and what makes them excited? By understanding what makes our audience tick, we can make sure our slogans speak right to their hearts and minds.

Whether it’s appealing to people who love adventures or those who love keeping up with the latest trends, a slogan should connect with the people it’s meant for.

Showing What Our Brand Stands For:

A slogan is more than just a catchy phrase; it’s a way to show what our brand believes in and cares about. Whether our brand is known for being tough, always coming up with new ideas, or caring about the environment, these things should shine through in our slogan.

By staying true to what makes us special, we can build trust with the people who love our brand, making real connections that last.

Balancing Simple and Creative:

In the world of slogans, keeping things simple is key. A great slogan is one that’s easy to remember and say without needing to think too hard. But being simple doesn’t mean we can’t be creative!

The best slogans find a sweet spot between being easy to understand and making you feel something special, leaving a mark without making you scratch your head.

Making People Feel Something:

At its heart, a slogan should make people feel something deep down. Whether it’s giving them confidence, bringing back good memories, or getting them excited about what’s to come, emotions are what make people pay attention.

By tapping into those feelings, a slogan can make a real connection with people, making them not just remember the brand but really care about it.

Crafting Your Own Shoe Slogan

In the exciting world of shoe fashion, coming up with a great slogan is like finding the perfect pair of shoes – it’s all about expressing yourself and grabbing attention.

Creating your own shoe slogan isn’t just about putting words together; it’s about showing who you are, making people smile, and sticking in their minds. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around for a while, a catchy slogan can make people notice you and remember you in a busy world.

Why Shoe Slogans Matter: Feel the Power of Words

Think about walking down a busy street and seeing lots of shoe ads. Suddenly, one slogan stands out and stays with you. That’s the magic of a good shoe slogan.

It’s not just words; it’s a mix of creativity, feelings, and what your brand is all about. A well-made slogan can make people feel confident, stylish, and special, creating a strong bond between your brand and your customers.

Getting Started: Find Your Own Voice

Making a cool slogan starts with knowing what makes your brand special. What’s different about your shoes? Is it how comfy they are, the cool designs, or maybe how they help the planet?

Once you know what’s special, think about words and phrases that show that. Do you want your slogan to be bold, fun, or classic? Your slogan should be as unique as your brand.

Making It Memorable: What Makes a Great Slogan

A good shoe slogan isn’t just catchy – it’s something people remember. Keep it short and sweet, but make sure it says what you want.

You can try using rhymes, funny sounds, or word games to make your slogan stick in people’s minds. And it’s okay to ask for feedback! Friends, family, and even people who might buy your shoes can tell you if your slogan works for them.

FAQs on Funny Shoe Slogans

What are some funny sayings for shoes that will make people smile?

Answer: “Wear our shoes and feel happy with every step!” or “Our shoes will make you laugh and walk with style!”

How can I make my shoe brand stand out with a funny phrase?

Answer: Think about using jokes or funny words about shoes, like “Try our shoes and you’ll be laughing as much as your best jokes!” or “Our shoes: they’ll make you chuckle harder than your dad’s jokes.”

Do funny shoe phrases really help in selling shoes?

Answer: Of course! A fun, humorous phrase can make your brand memorable and create a happy connection with your products. It can also make your brand different from other shoe brands and get attention in busy markets.

Can you suggest a shoe phrase that both kids and adults will like?

Answer: “Our shoes are perfect for playing and working, making everyone smile!” This phrase captures the fun of childhood while also being good for adults who work.

What’s the secret to making a good funny shoe phrase?

Answer: The secret is to mix humor and connection to your brand. Your phrase should show the personality of your company and make sense to your customers. Plus, it should be easy to remember and relate to, so it sticks with people.


In a world where first impressions count, a great shoe slogan can make you stand out from the crowd.

By using words that show who you are and how you want people to feel, you can make your brand shine. So, don’t just talk – let your shoes do the talking with a cool slogan that makes people smile and remember you.

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